Identifying new clients that fit your ideal customer profile is a challenge every business owner struggles with. Our new Automated Prospecting Program is a turnkey solution that helps you target the individuals and families that best fit your business model.

Through a refined data sourcing model, we'll deliver monthly direct mail touch points to your ideal prospect. This data model paired with the consistency and frequency of an automated program will generate more qualified leads for your pipeline each month.

Program Includes:

  • 12 Annual Direct Mail Targeted Touch Points
  • Prospecting List Using Our Data Model or Provide Your Own
  • FINRA Reviewed Content
  • Fully Automated, Turnkey Solution
  • Plan Annually, Pay Monthly

Automated Prospecting Program

Automated Prospecting Program


Each month a direct mail piece is delivered to the prospect to keep the financial professional at the forefront of their mind until they’re ready to take action. Direct mail is again evolving as the premium media for engagement and action.

  • Direct mail is tangible
  • Direct mail has a longer shelf-life
  • Direct mail is more personal


Each touch point showcases the financial professional’s contact information, photo, and logo. The financial professional stays top-of-mind each month by reinforcing their brand and targeted message for either Gen Y or Gen X.

Gain instant feedback with a personalized QR code that supports the Call-To-Action.

  1. Financial professional’s Logo
  2. Financial professional’s imprint; name, designations, title, email, photo and QR Code
  3. Personalized financial professional’s logo and return address block
  4. Call to action
  5. Disclosures for financial professional

Automated Prospecting Program

Automated Prospecting Program


Decide whether you want to provide your own targeted list, or have us build a list for you.

By using us, you’ll be able to target the location, and everyone that’s likely to use a financial professional for their financial planning needs. Building the prospect profile for your business model is a key to your conversion success rate, and results in more qualified sales-ready leads for you!


Automated Prospecting Program